Hey Kids!  Want to keep your teeth nice and healthy? Just follow these simple steps and you will have the best smile on the block!

1. Avoid eating foods that have a lot of sugar in them. Especially candy!

Sugars in foods combine with the bacteria in our mouth to form acid, which makes healthy teeth turn unhealthy.....and gives you CAVITIES! ☹

2. Always brush your teeth at least two times EVERYDAY.

Make sure you are brushing for 2 MINUTES and cleaning ALL of your teeth...not just the front ones. You should be scrubbing the outside, inside, top, bottom, front and back of ALL your teeth! Even your tongue too! Little scrubbing circles with your brush is the best way to clean your teeth. Lots of yucky germs hide in between your teeth and on your tongue so get your brush moving and send those nasty germs packing!

3. Floss every night before bedtime.

You may need to ask a grown up to help you floss your teeth because it can be hard to do at first. You should get the floss between each and every tooth in your mouth....one at a time of course. Once the floss is in between two teeth, curve it against your tooth, so it's shaped like a "C", and then move it up and down to remove all the yucky germs and sugar bugs. There....you've done it! Now repeat this until you've cleaned every tooth!