One of the most important diagnostic tools we have available to us is the use of x-ray technology to check all areas of the oral cavity, and ensure that no problems are developing. It is our professional obligation to help you maintain your oral health and ensure that you receive the very best dental care.

Dental x-rays are necessary for accurate diagnosis of many dental conditions. They allow us to detect decay and diseases of the mouth, bone, face, and jaw that may not be visible during an oral examination. Because they help detect dental conditions early, they play an important role in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of dental problems.

We recommend that our patients have a full mouth series of x-rays, or panoramic x-ray, every 5 years, and decay detecting x-rays (bite wings) every year.

The amount of radiation that comes from dental X-rays is very small compared to our daily exposure from things like, cosmic radiation and naturally-occurring radioactive elements (for example, those producing radon).

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